The game doesn't work!

1. Refresh your browser.
2. Exit your browser and try again.
3. Turn on Javascript.
4. Update your browser.
If none of these methods work please contact me with the technical specs (OS, browser, browser version etc).

Why is the game so laggy?

This is an HTML5 game and runs in your browser. If you are experiencing lag, please close some browser tabs, or close some non essential apps that you have running in the background, to help boost performance.

Why does XYZ happen? Is it a feature or bug?

We are currently in beta and don't have all the bugs worked out just yet. While we have undergone extensive testing, some things may have gone unnoticed. For example, there were some issues with the character 'moving by itself' which we have recently addressed. If you do notice something that seems out of the ordinary, please contact us and our crack team of developers will get onto it.

This awesome, how can I get involved?

If you've got JavaScript, or 2D animation skills then we'd love to hear from you. Otherwise, feel free to post links on your favourite social media outlet: Sharing is caring (and all that other malarkey).

I'm from XYZ company / organization, can we use your services as part of our curriculum?

Short answer: No, you can't. This game is for personal use only.
Longer answer: In special circumstances we will grant organizations the rights to use these services. Please contact us for more information

Can you make a custom game for my company or organiztion?

We're always open to new projects, please contact us so we can discuss your needs further.

Your service is aimed at Japanese learners of the English Language, why don't you have any Japanese instructions?

There is no simple answer to this question so please bear with me. The main reason is to do with the learning process, in particular trial and error. Another way of rephrasing trial and error, could be 'positive' and 'negative' FEEDBACK. In the classroom when you get something correct, your teacher praises you, or draws a smiley face on your paper. When incorrect you may be met with an 'X', if you have done particularly poorly you may have a 'SEE ME', or in the worst case scenario, your parents will be called in for a meeting with the principal. These types of feedback are all round us, for example the 'grinding' sound that you get when you change change gears poorly, the lock not opening when you try to use the wrong key, or people smiling back at you when you smile at them (except in the case you're being a bit too 'over-enthusiastic' and may be greeted by a different form of response aka feedback). When it comes to feedback, the quicker the better, which is one of the reasons why people find digital systems so engaging. Games in particular are overloaded with feedback mechanisms: scores, levels, experience points, special items, money, health bars, and story progression to name a few. You are constantly being reminded of how well you are doing through these feedback mechanisms. This service aims to make use of these principals using scores and increasing points (positive feedback) and a gameover state (negative feedback) to indicate progress and help assist with the learning process.
For those that are stuggling to catch on to the grammar point, there are multiple examples of correct and incorrect sentences situated below the game. Through these examples students should be able to identify patterns and be able to start using the grammar point correctly.
For those that are still struggling to catch on to the target structure we propose 2 suggestions. The first being: ask a friend, parent, teacher, or a classmate (e-learning has a personal element too :P). The second being: google it... There are literally thousands of sites in Japanese with English grammar explanations.